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Name:Amanda Dafoe
Birthdate:Jul 18
Location:ab, Canada

I'm anarchycox. I do lots of stuff. I write, I craft, I teach, I mom, I try to contain a really dumb cat, I get to spend everyday married to my best friend. I'm left handed, aren't you excited to know that. I found fandom and online communities later in life, when I realized I didn't have to give a fuck or be ashamed about things that made me happy (this is where I despise the phrase guilty pleasures because if it makes you happy and doesn't hurt anyone it should just be a pleasure). I plan to use this platform to talk about my creative stuff and a lot more about my process behind my creative work - something that always frustrated me about tumblr, yes you could do personal analysis there, but it always felt odd.

Things I am interested in and am likely to talk about here:

Cats - I can always talk about cats
Yarn and the spinning of it and crocheting with it
Sewing - I make skirts to teach in and other assorted things
Cross stitch - the blessing and curse of my crafting life
Polymer clay - my new obsession and trust me I am super into it right now

Fandom (this is the majority of what I will talk about)
Kingsman and its actors (particularly Mark Strong) - ships are merwin, merlahad, harcival, mercival, perciwin, harroxy, and others I am sure

MCU - lots and lots of ships but not Stucky or Stony

Agents of SHIELD - I am a huge dork for Phil Coulson and can ship him with anyone except 3 characters seriously I have counted it is only 3 I can't do

Dragon Age - LET CULLEN STANTON RUTHERFORD BE HAPPY and protect Zevran at all costs

Mass Effect - Grunt is Shep's murder baby and it is bullshit that bioware doesn't think Mordin wouldn't have cured Thane in his spare time.

Feel free to talk with me about any of these things.

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